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Lead Generation – online v/s offline

For any business to succeed, marketing and selling are the two major driving factors that are in total control of the organization to plan and execute. And for marketing and sales activities to have greatest impact, knowing your target audience and their needs is extremely important.

From the days when information and communication technology was not available, to the present business scenario when the power and reach of technology can only be imagined, and from the days when manpower resource was not so costly to the present day scenario when hiring a suitable employee costs a lot more, organizations face this dilemma on day-to-day basis as to what strategy to adopt to find and create a new prospective client.

Lead generation is one of the most challenging aspect of business that a marketing head of an organization faces on regular basis.

From the conventional tools of Telemarketing, Special events & promotions, Advertorials and News Stories, Corporate brochures, Leaflet drops & inserts, exhibitions & trade shows, demonstrations, roadshows, seminars, and salespeople, the present day strategy revolves around digital in a very big way as people are now seamlessly connected through digital technologies and social media channels.

Most of the conventional activities are now being done through online media using I&C technologies. This has brought the whole audience and consumer on a single common platform as physical location has lost its importance and a marketer has the whole world open to her to address.

Leveraging technology is today’s biggest opportunities for both employer and employees. With AI (artificial intelligence) and Big Data in play 24×7 around us without us even knowing it, companies are able to understand and analyse our decision-making criteria and process under different situations and circumstances.

We are therefore supporting our clients with digital strategy platform and means and ways to help them target the right audience for their products and services, be it for someone selling a mobile phone accessories or for someone selling holiday packages.

We invite our guests to write to us to help them form their digital marketing plans and we also offer them our experience and resources to outsource their lead generation and online marketing to us.


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