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Consulting in the times of Start up and entrepreneurship

Consulting encompasses a large and wide array of streams and verticals, and in the current digital age it has acquired a complete makeover.

Businesses have become so much more complex and specialization has become so much more important now that it is sometimes difficult to find a consultant who could advise an organization on multitude of problems and challenges. From a conventional Business strategy consultant, a project management consultant, to a marketing consultant, we have now so many more functions within functions that the nature of business exchange has become extremely complex and multi-directional.

We have now advisers, mentors and coaches to hand-hold a group of employee in a department, or to advise a team working on a specific project, or to advise just the top management and leadership, for a specific period of time for a specific short-term or medium-term task to achieve a business objective.

Businesses we were offline and on the conventional brick n mortar structure have become online and thus a whole new set of skills and competencies are required to cohesively perform the day to day business operations. Pricing, distribution, and logistics have become extremely important to stay competitive and stay ahead of competition. It’s not just the investment in manufacturing technology and product quality & efficiency that’s important for success in long term, rather investment in IT technology, HR policy & training, and strategic partnerships through outsourcing in all functional areas that have become equally responsible for ensuring consistent success.


As a consulting team, we focus on new age start ups as well as on the traditional businesses. Any business has to serve the need of the client and consumers, but the start up ecosystem is heavily reliant on technology platform, data science, and execution of distribution strategy through effective partnerships.

Apart from conventional distribution based operations, companies have now distribution through more than one or two online portals and also through a multi-level marketing or direct selling teams who are not part of the organisation but governed by the sales policy agreement.

Consulting has become more broadened to closely working with the client’s team and go hand in hand right from policy making until execution and completion.

Investment adviser or venture capital firms also advises companies on fundamental aspects of organizational structure and execution plans, as these have direct bearing on the cost.

Role of HR and outsourcing contracts

The participation and involvement of HR has also become strategic and key to successful growth of the company. We advise on organization structure, hierarchy, and roles & responsibilities of the employees.

Consulting is an important component and indispensable part of an entrepreneur’s armoury. Right from market research, market study and business analysis, to execution of marketing & sales plan, consulting plays an important role in success of a venture.

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